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09 April 2011

Dedicated For Him..

Saya Tidak Sempat Beritahu Dia Tentang Ni..

::: 1st :::
O dear .... 
This is to remember 
what I did to you before this .. 
really hurt yourself ... I really 
know about the pain your heart

::: 2nd :::
Dear, what is shown here, which is always 
buried in my heart .. 
since we no longer related wich each other.. 
this is what i kept in my heart...
And only now, 
then I am able to stand alone to tell you 
what I did not get to tell you, before 
this dear ...

::: 3rd :::
At first, love had come creeping in my heart ...
However, at that time ..
 I just want to know you only as a friend ..
When friendship became closer, you began to recite, 
the most valuable word in every love that was forged in 
the world,that is "I love you"
There began, born feeling very dear,
 in my heart I am personally against you ..
This is damaging our lives at that moment ..
 I hate it .. .. 
and so with a vengeance when it ...
I do not like you recited this word "I love you" ..
I hate that sentence, because it has made me run away from myself ..

::: 4th :::
And, When I am falling in love with you, 
I began to forget my boyfriend 
who is always faithful and always took care of me ...
I started cheating with myboyfriend...
Because of what? Because of LOVE...
My heart, Cried! Crunch! Destroy! 
... as the mouth, the body perish ...
but now, not the body should perish, but lives are lost ..

::: 5th :::
You may think I'm wrong ..

::: 6th :::
Yes, I admit I was wrong .. and I'm not saying that you are correct ..
Each have their own test from Allah..
When we tested, take the good ..
For me it all, there is wisdom ...
If you're still angry with me, I do not know what else should I say ..
But I only have a big hope, 
Sorry that I made mistakes on you ..
I'm probably bad in the eyes and hearts of you, but ...
 I understand the nature of life in this world, as a human ...

::: 7th :::
Saya minta maaf sangat-sangat dengan awak...
Atas kesalahan yang saya lakukan atas diri awak...
 Sepanjang perkenalan kita...

::: 8th :::
I always Love You as my Friend..
Because of LOVE, I go far away from my own life..
 I need to tell you, 
I Miss You to be my Friend...

::: 9th :::
I need your forgiveness
....I'm So Sorry....

::: 10th :::

::::::::::   U are always on my Mind ::::::::::



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