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06 December 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah uolls..

*aq wat short essay english jap ea k0rang*
Maal Hijrah, which is also called Awal Muharam, is an important day for Muslim. 
It falls on the first day of Muharam on every Muslim calendar year, 
which is the first day on Muslim calendar.
The meaning of Maal Hijrah in English is migration. 

On this day, Muslim remember Nabi Muhammad S.A.W migrate from Mecca to Medina on the year 622 A.D. 
Besides, Maal Hijrah also mean changes from bad to good side and can be said as starting point and evaluate inner-self on self achievement.
 Awal means beginning in English and Muharam is the first month of Muslim calendar. 
In another words, this is the first day in Muslim calendar. 
Therefore, this is also the new year for all Muslim.
To signify this occasion, Muslims attend to various religious activities, 
spiritual singing, and religious meeting throughout the country.
This day has become an important religious day for all Muslim
 Here, I, Nursyahida Daud...*ceeehhh* would like to wish all my relatives & Muslim Multiplier’s friends a lovely Awal Muharam...

ok la guys...its en0ugh la k..h0pefully taun nie...lebih baik...oh ye, k0rang jangan lupe ea, baca d0a akhir ahun and awal tahun..=) make sure, baca d0a akhir tahun dulu k..

bubye uolls...
lurve uolls s0 much..
thanks for reading dis entry...=)

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