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20 July 2010

i not perfect as u!!!

if i can run fast like cheetah
i will run to ur house
i will say sorry to u
i know u love me
i know u miss me
i also love u
i also miss u
i need to say sorry 2 u
because i
had hurt u
u, i does not mean 2 make u hurt
but i only do not want u
felt more hurt 
if u
are always in my life
always heard about me n my mom
that are always had misunderstanding problem
u, i hope so much
that u can forgive me
i know, u know why i did this

actually, i did not mean 
to u to left me alone here,
in my heart
it always shout
NO!!!! Please do not leave me!
i want to cry...
i do not know why it happens
to u and me
why us?
u, actually i need u
actually i want u near beside me
actually, i loved u so much!!


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